Turret plating is honestly the worst thing I've ever seen added to the game next to rng scuttles

For 2 entire fucking years all we asked was that turrets would be beefier, that's IT this is too REDUCE snowballing and give laners a chance to play safe and farm under tower, as well as not lose your entire tower if you die once. Instead you made it worse, you somehow found a way to make turrets beefier while also making the game even more snowbally. If you die once the enemy now gets 2 - 3 kills worth of gold instead of just once. Ranged top laners get entire extra kills worth of gold now by just existing, more if they take klepto. Riot decided it wasn't enough for ranged top laners too keep proccing PTA over and over for free, dorans shield doesn't do shit against the new keystones but no, ranged top laners deserve to have a 320 gold advantage because they are more to difficult to play since they have to manager their range (lol) Now matter how you look at it, all this change did was make the game more snowbally. Losing lane? You lose ever harder. Are you winning lane but your team is losing? Now your one winning lane breaks even if you attempt to help your team. We've been saying this for years but it's so clear now that the people who make this game don't play it at above an iron level, if they play it at all, yet somehow they think they can balance for pro play.
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