Why is Kai'sa still broken? BLATANTLY OVER STAT

15% health damage passive. 129% AD scaling on Q. 150% AD on W (on top of annoying recall denys) 75% movement speed on E. (Literally FASTER than Sivir ULTIMATE (60% speed)) **KEEP IN MIND THIS IS MINIMUM AND CAPS AT 100% bonus** 200% AD scaling on ultimate shield. Her attack range is on PAR with many other ADC's, yet she does MORE damage than the most short ranged ADC's. She's obviously faster than every other ADC, on top of gap closing and INVIS. Better at "short" trades. Better at "long term" trades. Better in the early game with her passive and Q (4 autos Q and passive, the support can breath on them) Her skills take little to no mana to cast. And when she's oom she already has enough wave clear off of auto attacks (as with every ADC) Oh the game went longer than 20 minutes? All abilities evolved. Nice. **bUT hER wInArAteS 49%** You have idiots that ult into 5 people and troll, winrate means absolutely NOTHING in this game because of how bad players are. There are 9 unknown factors that we don't account for (troll picks, bad teams, rigged matchmaking, plat+ players are boosted) PRO PLAY? It's ALWAYS KAI'SA vs VARUS (I WONDER WHY) With a favorable match up for Kai'sa cause Varus Q sucks and he has no mobility. And the player with 442 games of Kaisa? DIAMOND lmao.
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