Nerf Irelia now

there is no champ that can lane vs her safly anymore, her q is only 20 mana all game she spams as she pleases, her damage reduction SCALES LIKE WTF IS THAT, she has a massive aoe stun that has a broken hitbox, she can double proc her q with 2 abilitys, so her combo is super fast and cant be stopped, you cant land skillshot because all she does is q everywhere she can 1 hit mages at lvl 3 q which is just afk farm mode, her q procs sheen, when she ults you cant aa at all something needs to be done its getting dumb, look at her play rate and winrate thats all because she broken nothing more, but i know riot they aint gunna do anything because she was just reworked, all reworked champs are busted as hell and nothing is done about it, make her q cost more mana so she cant just spam it all lane stage, make her damage reduction alot less or make other peoples scale like hers does its not fair at all to play against, yea i play her sometime but its just to much im not gunna waste a ban on her she needs to be fixed old irelia had trtue damage on hit all game and was more balenced
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