@Meddler If I can take 3 minutes of your time about "look into follow up nerfs" - SWAIN

I would like to talk about Swain . Simple question Why you never looked him after last nerfs. Im Platinum Player last season and I loved the Bird To community and you . Guess who was the Counter part Vs Assasins. THE BIRD . SWAIN He was nerfed . Let me tell you he is also IMMOBILE Mage with dots. He was perfect Counter (in my small eyes) Vs Assasin and Fighters After those nerfs I can't even stand Assasins now. Most Burst Mages Killin me. Sustain Mages killin me. Assasins Killin me . Fighers with small dush/jump Killing me There is Any Hope you can revert at some sort his last nerfs ? Discuss . Swain Mains please Unite :)
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