Please BUFF our poor cat Yuumi

1. {{champion:350}} I know Im getting so much hate by writing this, but please buff Yuumi. Like look at current man, although Yuumi now has 40% winrate(which is still far too low), but she used to 38% winrate. Can you call that a winrate of a champion? Yuumi's current status is literally an item like she is in TFT. I was playing ranked one time(gold elo), and my team thought I was trolling when I was hovering over Yuumi. Ever since the huge hotfix Yuumi got right after the release, she has only receiving nerfs, except for her E buff. With the recent support items changes, things only got worse for the poor cat... She is supposed to be a strong laning champ, but she is not even that strong anymore. Her damage even gets out healed by most of healing or utility supports. At least give back her mana-regen in her passive or increase the utility in her kit.
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