Why exactly can't the New Jungle be a bit weaker on champions Riot?

From a distance I adore the jungle changes, I like the new items, the new smite system, and the buffs. I am not too big a fan of the monsters kicking me and twisting my soul til my champion is sobbing in the corner. I am also not a huge fan of how I am always 2 levels behind no matter how many kills I manage to grab while ganking. However, my real question and point of interest is why the jungle monsters have to hurt so much in the first place? I figure a jungle that is less dangerous means more champions can actually do it, which is what you want, more diversity. And I know, regardless of what is done we are going to see a group of champions that are more common then the rest, but I have to ask why not nerf the monsters, and buff the lanes a bit? I am not an expert and don't really stalk your threads and replies to people, but the jungle is the way it is right now to make the jungler not come out of the jungle as a demi god, after all someone who's prime objective is gaining control over the map shouldn't be able to destroy the laners, I am actually fine with the jungle not giving as much as laners. (I still want more gold and XP, nothing crazy but to keep up just a little better) So I figure instead of making the jungle increasingly difficult we just give laners a small buff to make them stay ahead still, nothing major of course, but then our precious tank junglers, adc junglers, mage junglers etc, Can actually jungle, farm up, but not go into lane and dominate everything. I am sure this has been thought up already, but all the focus has been soley on the jungle and no changes to the lane, so maybe to fix the problems we just move our focus away from the jungle creeps. And uh. Yeah. Edit- If you look at my match history you will see I played Nautilus, first time in like 2 months or something, I wanted better context and understanding about him and the current jungle, and let me just say this now... He clears it better then before, I still think he needs a wee buff to his level 1 shield, but honestly he clears better then season 4. I ended up being really coordinated with my ganks, mainly because 3 of us were in a skype call, I was still behind in levels, despite getting plenty of kills and ganks early on, and my gold situation wasn't as much, I mean it was bad, but its not hard to be a CC machine. Just rushed Warmogs and I was set. Mainly the point of this is I have a somewhat altered opinion that maybe we just should just go back to buffing the champions who can't jungle well and fix the XP/Gold issue.
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