The state of Galio and AP Bruisers.

AP Bruisers are all getting gutted because they dont have an item to use.. Sylas Galio and Diana GO Protobelt or straight full AP and try burst you instead of actually dueling u which makes them either useless or overpowered. Riot games last patch put galio in his worst state currently arround 43% winrate in both mid and support because they removed all his late game damage in patch 9.1 then now all his early damage is gone in 9.11 so hes left with no powerspikes at any point of the game and no wave clear to do anything in mid lane. ALL That because ap bruisers have no items to rush. ROA is useless takes too long to spike and meele champion usually buy it later than ranged champions because they have less CS than ranged champions and get pretty bad stats once they buy it. Lichbane make u get deleted instantly and does no damage early game. zhonyas is better on Load ur burst instantly then zhonya type of champions so they are only left with protobelt since it gives some HP and they use the active just to full health combo you. I hope riot is looking at the state of Galio and AP Bruisers in patch 9.13 because they are all terrible right now beside sylas for obvious reasons. once sylas gets nerfed hes gonna run into the same problem galio does and gonna become useless... {{champion:3}} {{item:3070}}
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