Frustrated from trying to find a champ that fits me

I have played this game for a long time (I started playing this game in 2013), and I am at the end of my rope trying to fit in in season 9. In the past I have played tanks (drain tanks were a favorite), heal/shield supports, and generally tried to stay alive above all else. The game hit rock-bottom for me in the Season 7 "Assassin Meta". I did manage to enjoy Urgot right after his rework (Ranged tank with an execute? Yes please!) and mained him from then until his nerfing due to being deemed too strong in Pro. Now I am several months into this hellhole of a season, and don't know what to do in this meta. In Solo-Q, the game is now based around snowballing, early game champs and a game ending in 30min or less. I understand that it is good for Broadcasting but it sucks for most of the strategy around Champ select, and the strategy of League in general. There are no more trade-offs between Tanks vs Early-game warriors (think Rek and Darius), or scaling ADC's (Vayne, Twitch, etc) vs Early-game (Ashe, Cait, etc). Pick the champs that win lane with just one item or even just win lane with their kit, get plates and GG. The S9 Snowball-Fiesta is directly opposite my play style. I want to farm for 20-30 minutes, then get objectives. Any Suggestions?
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