Pls revert Aatrox

For me it's just Riots logic that tilts me. The reason (from what I understand) why they gutted and changed Aatrox was because apparently the old Aatrox was 'too hard to balance', so changing his style completely was the 'only' way. After seeing the Akali and now Nunu rework I REALLY don't understand how they had no possible way to retain the old Aatrox playstyle. Nerf his W, play around with the AoE burst of his ult, make his E less spammable in lane. They certainly could've made changes to balance the champion, but instead we got this basic, dull champ, whose kit relies on 1 ability that's so slow and clunky compared to the old Aatrox. It just makes me sad that of all the champion reworks, so many good ones, the one champ I loved was the only one that 'couldn't be balanced'. What made Aatrox so different? What mechanic put him over the 'cannot be balanced' line, and once that mechanic is identified, why couldn't it of been tweaked? If Riot can retain Akali and Nunus playstyles so well, I really dont see how Aatrox could've been that much worse.

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