Elo hell exists

For the first time ever I have achieved gold. I am now gold 3. Having climbed from bronze(I was never Iron) to where I am now, I can say unequivocally that elo hell does in fact exist, and that it is only a low elo phenomenon. since I hit S2, the quality of my games has drastically improved. I continue to climb from there, but now i actually do feel like my victories and defeats are earned and deserved, as opposed to the fault of my team. I got lucky in getting to S2. Once i was there, I was out of elo hell and could climb. I haven't got better by much in my own opinion. I just got lucky in getting out of elo hell and into a place where my skills determine my victory or defeat, and now my skills are speaking for themselves. I am saying this as someone who got out. It does exist, and it only exists from mid silver down. At that level, luck is more a factor in climbing than skill. You need to get lucky so that your team isn't inting or literally r%%%%%ed, and maybe be extra lucky that the enemy team is those things. It does not occur at "every elo". Some of the hallmarks of elo hell may occur at higher elo, but, that does not make it elo hell. In elo hell, it is a regular occurrence. At higher elo, it is an irregularity. Tl:DR gold is more fun than silver.
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