It would be fun if building armor against Yasuo, or any conq user, was useful.

Like my post is mainly aimed towards yasuo. And I have tried to be reasonable. I've tried to be like "he has bad matchups" And that may be true (We arent going to talk about how most of his bad matchups are non mid laners zz) But it's not even about that. I would easily be able to forgive his low cds (His mobile ability is 0.5-0.1 seconds just by the way.), and less gating kit *Cough* him ulting OUTSIDE of turret range despite initially being in it. It's more so about I can't build against him. His ult, is armor pen. His keystone, is true damage. (Let's not forget ignites true damage i might as well be a piece of butter) Like I would legitimately forgive him basically being a hypermobile bruiser with relatively low cds, without a resource AND double passive (Not overloaded btw teeehee ~~sorry thats salty ~~) If I could just be able to play defensively against him without him using my minions against me, doing true damage at pretty much leisure and making armor most useless stat. Tldr; Please allow me to go defensive reasonably without the enemy conqueror user laughing in my fucking face

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