Any Hopes To Change The ADC Meta Drastically?

Hi, I'm a Jinx one trick and in the past few months I've been feeling that ADC meta isn't good at all with always the same few champions every single game, whereas all the other roles have more than 3 to 5 champions and all very different in the way you play as, with and against them. The ADC role just first doesn't have enough champions to choose from 17 ADCs to choose from against 31 supports 40 junglers 42 mid laners and 52 top laners (all numbers from and second has only 5 champions that we see every single game compared to 10 to 20 for the other roles. My thought to make more ADC come into play would be to normalize them early have about the same attack range at level one (500 - 525) and have range per level where the more risky ones would end up with 550 and the ones with the highest range would end up with 750, nerf the early strength of most ADCs except if that's their signature for example Draven should still be better than most other ADCs early and finally to give more options for builds because right now there is little to no choice when it comes to building the first 3 items IE or ER depending on your champ and most go for statikk + RFC some going Runaan's and rarely some PD there is the hybrid with rageblade, lethality and Ezreal being a bit different but that's only 5 champions and some aren't even played so bring more diversity to the crit build, the other builds bring enough diversity on their own and risk to interact too much with other roles to be touched right now maybe. Maybe reintroduce Mirage blade (black market)as another BF+agility cloak item with ad and 20% crit that would be viable to choose other than the IE/ER, make the build less expansive and less powerful but make everything scale off of crit much better so you don't touch the late game power level while making the curve to reach that power less frustrating. Thank you for reading please give your thoughts on this, that was just my thoughts on this and I might be totally wrong but that's how I feel about the game right now and for the pas few patches. Also sorry if you don't understand what I'm saying sometimes English isn't my first language hope it's still understandable. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
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