Aatrox - Released nearly two years - Has received only one major update which gutted him

TL;DR - Aatrox two years since release, nerfed once, absolute garbage champion. I'm not about to give up on him yet just because Riot most recently gave Aatrox a minor QoL change that doesn't change anything. The windows for feeling strong as Aatrox feel so very limited, and his early-mid game isn't strong enough to justify how absolutely awful his late game is. **Riot on Aatrox** To my recollection, there are two instances where Riot has acknowledged Aatrox in the forums after his one update: One by Morello and another by Meddler. Morello 02-18-2014 http://forums.na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?p=45244229#45244229 > We made some big game health mistakes on Aatrox that put him in a problematic spot - there's accuracy in the fact that if he's buffed, he'll be a problem. > > We've had some Aatrox changes to solve this (as a soft rework sorta thing) that could fix this, and then let him get back into the game. I'll have to check on the details to see which direction we've taken with it (there were a lot of ideas on the table for it, originally). Meddler 12-26-2014 http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/gameplay-balance/alR9fGRR-can-we-replace-aatroxs-ultimate-steroid-with-an-aoe-fear?comment=000c Meddler's post is a lot larger, but to summarize: He agrees that Aatrox's ultimate isn't as satisfying and good as an ultimate should be, acknowledges that a PBAoE Fear addition to Aatrox's ult has at least some thematic reasoning behind it, remarks on Aatrox as a Tank vs Aatrox as a Fighter, and concludes that him posting isn't an indicator that there are upcoming Aatrox changes and that Aatrox is "overall in an ok spot." Apparently the rest of the Riot team who works on gameplay and balance agree with those sentiments as Aatrox has received only one significant change (the aforementioned) since his release. It's been one whole year since Morello mentioned "some Aatrox changes" and nothing has really come of it. As it is now, Aatrox suffers from terrible base stats, terrible scaling/late game (AP ratio on his ultimate?), very low impact and unsatisfying ultimate (backed by Meddler), getting kited too easily, bad 5v5 teamfights, and a bunch of other things like how his sustain is minion dependent (IOW no minions or zoned from CS = no sustain). **Comparison of Aatrox/Rek'sai as junglers ** On other social media, I posted a comparison of two top tier junglers of different eras (season 3 and season 5) in Aatrox and Rek'sai. These are supposed to be two "Fighters" as Riot classifies them, while Aatrox's secondary is "Tank". Rek'sai has no secondary. Keep in mind that Rek'Sai's base stats are better overall - she has far better health, health regen, longer base AA range, and better armor than Aatrox. Aatrox has negligibly better AD, negligibly better AS, and negligibly better move speed. Rek'sai is also the only current jungler who isn't straight up a tank who can scale decently well as a tank late game with cinderhulk. Rek'Sai has easily far more mobility, far better clears, much lower cooldowns (which leads to a lot of things like more knock-ups, more damage, etc.), relevant damage at all points of the game thanks to true damage (vs Aatrox who falls off mid-late), better base stats, a much more reliable/larger knock-up that is much easier to land (this + her mobility translates into better/more ganks), and far more utility, and transitions to a late game tank way better than Aatrox. Aatrox has a free GA, potentially better prolonged sustain, a metric ton more AS, and a slow-moving small AoE skillshot that slows, and potentially more mixed damage early on (his magic damage because negligible mid-late). Other than that, Aatrox is split between either sustain or damage (remember, one or the other on the third auto vs Rek'Sai who gets an auto attack reset - something that Aatrox, an AA based champion, lacks) and is worse in basically every other regard to Rek'Sai. Additionally, Aatrox has to kill himself to keep his resource bar up and loses 15% of his current health with Q+E (1500 gold worth of stats at level 18 with Randuins/Spirit Visage/Warmogs) while Rek'Sai's stats are 100% free. So Riot, can Aatrox get his rework already or some ACTUAL changes? One QoL change to his ult doesn't change anything.
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