Crit idea. *what effect would this have on the game?*

This is purely just an idea not a "HEY DO THIS" Its interesting and I think would help with the issues surrounding critical right now. So first of all, crits would do more damage overall. Stormrazors would be removed. DONT DOWNVOTE. HEAR ME OUT. Instead of a critical chance rate like we have now (10% crit means you'll crit 10% of the time for 200% damage) It becomes a guaranteed crit for whatever crit % you have as bonus damage ON A TIMER. (10% crit, means your first attack against a champion does 10% bonus damage (once every X seconds) Let me try to elaborate this thought.. Currently if you have 100% critical chance, you do 200% damage of your basic attack every time you auto attack. Under my system, Critical strikes give bonus damage to your autos based off your critical stat value. EVERY CHAMPION WILL START WITH A 0% CRITICAL STAT VALUE, so if they never build a crit item, they will never crit. If they build a crit item that gives 30% critical strike damage, the first auto against a target would do 30% bonus damage, then go on a timer for the next crit. This timer would have to be balanced by riot obviously. Remember, under my system, critical attacks would be stronger than they are currently, to make up for the gap created by having timers on your criticals. I think this would help Crit adcs with their early game power, as their auto attacks are guaranteed to hurt more, rather than relying on the 10% crit chance they have early game now. Historically, any change in critical strike damage/ items heavily effects three annoying champs. Tryndamere, Master Yi, Jax. Under my system they would be effected, but I think it would be a more positive playstyle for each of those champs, and those that play against those champs overall. I'm not looking for a raging reply of why this is a dumb idea. I had this idea in the shower, because I play league of legends too much and think about it when I shouldn't, and just wanted to know what effect this would have on the game overall, and if it could be a potential path for riot to take. I'd like to hear others ideas on how to fix crit issues right now. EDIT: There could also be one of those dividers riot puts up where melee champs crits do less than ranged champ crits or vice versa
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