Can juggernauts be removed without any major problems?

This is all a jumbled mess because I am just frustrated with how unfun it is to verse juggernauts. If they get ahead they are so tanky that they just snowball and it feels like there is nothing that can be done to deal with them, four out of 5 of the team will focus them and they will only lose half health. While we still need to focus the backline. their laning phase is so dominate that it is impossible to have fun and if you screw up, you ruined the whole game for everyone. It is impossible to expect every jungler I queue with to properly camp and keep them down. Assassin, while incredibly annoying, have a purpose that has held true since the game was created. They stop backline character from dominating. Juggernauts just kill everyone. If you see an assassin top trying to push a tower, you through a tank or bruiser up there and they can reasonibly fight them. If a juggernaut is doing anything at all, you need 2 or 3 or more to fight them and hope that your rando teammates can dodge. Juggernauts main lane has no kiting or mobile champs in it so their main weakness is completely gone. If they get ahead in laning they become unstoppable monsters, so when a teamfight happens, most of your team is on the first item, while darius is on his second. You need to now focus the tanky character who is tanking most of your damage and he will oneshot back. The whole fanasty juggernauts try to fill is based on ruining the game for everyone. Juggernauts are only manageable if they are not far ahead, which is hard when laning gives them a huge boost. I know they exist to counter a future tank meta like what happened in 2014, but it feels like a bandade. These characters ruin every game they are in. How about removing the juggernaut class and nerf the tank items for a bit. This is not about win rate or competitive viablility, I reached gold and i still find them horrible to verse. Juggernauts ruin any amount of fun from laning onward. The counterplay to a character should not require skill higher then most of the people who play the game posses. The basic stuff should be enough to not create such a horrible experience. Playing safe under tower isnt possible when darius and illaoi can hit you with a pull and soul suck while you go for casters. Farming behind minions shouldnt be hell because yo made a small positioning error and lost all of your health to their combo. Ruining the game after laning because a teammate didnt have a good laning phase shouldnt be the default experience. Juggernauts are like assassins but atleast assassins are weak to tanky characters. I guess I need to understand, What major role do juggernauts play that has to be filled? As in, can what ever juggernauts keep in check be filled by something less toxic to the enjoyment of the game. What made me tolerate assassins is that they play such a crucial part in stopping backline dominance, and they have a weakness to tanky characters. For juggernauts it feels like riot cant balance tanks to they made a subclass that destroys tanks by destroying everyone.
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