Well you did it riot. You broke it.

I have never seen it like this. League of Legends is utterly broken. The power difference in champions is at an all-time high. Snowballing is at an all-time high, but only if you play the rito-approved golden-boy champions AFKs are at an all-time high due to smurfs, no punishments, and broken servers/client Smurfs are at an all-time high due to diamond 4 LP clenching and horrendous matchmaking. I think it's pretty clear that Riot has completely fallen apart. Between the completely broken state of the game due to a balanced team that has zero connection with it's players to hearing about the internal chaos like the walk-out due to numerous hushed up sexual harassment claims... It's pretty obvious they have lost their way. I used to know so many people that played league of legends all from different groups of people and social circles. The office I work at, kids I coached, long-time friends, etc... It was an actual sensation. Now, almost everyone I knew in real life that played league has quit. And the people that are left... we are all miserable. _I personally don't know a single person that is happy with the state of the game right now. _ The good news? You still have some players left that want you to succeed. The fact that there are still some people left attempting to fight through this absolute joke state of the game should be a sign that we really do care. What's more, we are very willing to share our feedback, experiences, and opinions on the state of the game. @Riot You really need to start listening to the players you have left. You really need to get your internal leadership in order. And you really need to remember who you are and how you got here pretty damn quick or you can kiss all of this goodbye.

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