Games literally end at 5 minutes.

The insanely perverse damage and mobility creep has brought the game to the point where there are almost NO GOOD GAMES. I'm mid diamond and literally 1/100 games are actually competitive at the 20 minute mark. The snowball is so absurdly bad that its actually just unplayable. If you fall behind, there is NO agency left. You just lose. ff at 15 DO NOT waste time. And when you win, you know the game is over but its just a matter of cleaning it up. Literally once you are even just 5 kills ahead it feels like you just want to hurry up and move to the next because there's no competition. The damage is so high people don't even fight, they just give up towers and dragons and baron and lose, and they either speed the process up and ff or they dont. And if you played this game and never played it during s3/s4, then i just feel bad for you. You never got to play this game when it was good and when pretty much all games at 20 minutes no matter what you AT LEAST had a chance to win. tl;dr im just ranting because It's actually a fucking joke how bad riot has let this game become.
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