I Sometimes Wonder How These Players Even Get To Diamond

*Notice this account is a smurf*, and even as a smurf I tend to lose some games. https://imgur.com/f93q9yZ Lets first start off with the Kha Zix. Kha all game struggled farming, getting 2.8 cs/m, .4cs/m away from tying with the Enemy Sion Support. Kha did no damage, ganked only 2 times during laning phase, and built a black cleaver when the only tank they have is Sion. He finishes the game with 12k gold. Now to the Vlad. Pretty self explanatory, he feeds, has 4 games on Vlad, but dont worry he claims he knows how to play him. I offered him to go top so I could win mid, and boom fb tower gone to Rumble due to Vlad. He ends the game with 12k gold as well. Now to the Varus. Varus runs in engaging the enemy 24/7, builds a Wits End instead of bork, gets 5.9cs/m as an adc, refuses to listen to pings, and doesnt defend tower. He ends the game with 13k gold. Now finally the Taric. This man says at the beginning of the game that he loses games because, "My top laners and mid laners always feed and troll/afk. Thats why I lose." This Taric has 1100 games on Taric this season. Meanwhile, Taric builds no Knight's Vow, a must on Taric. Wards only 16 times and destroyed 0 wards as a support. Bought no control ward. He only ulted 4 times, missed almost every stun, and never even used his locket/redemption at all. He finished with a whopping 11k gold. Even in the Game lobby after we lost he still claimed we lost because of Vlad. When hes more at fault than anyone on the team. I honestly dont get how these guys get to Diamond. I have seen by far better players in Silver/Gold than these type of players. I just want to see these players start a smurf and see what rank they truly belong at, because it obviously isnt Diamond level.
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