League of burst, health (Game play issues in new runes.) This is issue wont RESOLVE its self.

I'm sad. Beyond sad. I have loved this game since beta, and watched it change time over time. And loved it more and more as it changed for the better, until now. Last season was unbalanced sure, but it was at least fun. Current season is not fun unless your a sadist, or like all health tanks. I will explain exactly why. Now before anyone goes "Well you just hate league and riot?" No. To blame riot for these changes would only be 40% correct. Its a combination of community, Riot, LCS, and the current player base. There is no way this is just riots fault. and i am not going to blame them for everything. PS: i am dyslexic, and i have little understanding of gamer. so if anyone wants to fix this post, pleas go ahead. {{sticker:sg-janna}} {{sticker:sg-soraka}} The rune page dose not support anything past health tanks, and burst champions. I know some of you will read this and go "But what about this rune or that rune?" Well i am here to explain what i mean one rune at a time. Lets start with the worst offender, resolve. 1. Grasp of undying: probably one of my favorite runes but still one of the issues. PASSIVE: If you have dealt or received damage in the last 2 seconds, you will generate stacks of Grasp of the Undying every second. At 4 stacks, your next attack against an enemy champion will deal 4% of your maximum health bonus magic damage, restore 2% of your maximum health, and permanently grants 5 bonus health. The empowered attack is primed for 6 seconds, refreshing whenever you deal or receive damage. Both the damage and healing is halved if you're Ranged role Ranged, and the health gained is reduced to half. This is a good rune for health tanks. {{champion:12}} {{champion:201}} {{champion:31}} {{champion:36}} {{champion:86}} {{champion:57}} {{champion:48}} {{champion:154}} {{champion:32}} {{champion:122}} {{champion:3}} {{champion:223}} {{champion:54}} and {{champion:23}} But lets talk about why this is an issue. A {{champion:23}} player isn't gonna use this, there gonna go for something with more damage like precision, or domination. So they can burst people down. Same for {{champion:122}} . I see champions use this more than any other key stone for tanks. just for the little health it gives health and damage. 2. Aftershock:PASSIVE: Stun icon Immobilizing an enemy champion grants 20 (+ 30% armor) bonus armor and 20 (+ 30% magic resistance) bonus magic resistance for 2.5 seconds. After the duration, you release a shock wave that deals 40 - 140 (based on level) (+ 3.5% of your maximum health) magic damage to nearby enemies. Cool down 20 seconds This is the best for most health tanks in top or a dash engage. {{champion:78}} {{champion:266}} {{champion:32}} {{champion:3}} But only {{champion:78}} or {{champion:32}} Would mostly use it. But {{champion:266}} and {{champion:3}} will most likely go for damage runes instead. Even {{champion:32}} would go for sorcery instead just to deal burst damage with Q and R. 3. Guardian: PASSIVE: While within 175 units of an allied champion, you raise your Guard. Allied champions you affect with unit-targeted abilities are also Guarded for 2.5 seconds, irrelevant of distance. If you or a Guarded ally would take damage from an enemy champion or monster, you both first gain a shield for 60 - 150 (based on level) (+ 20% Guardian's AP) (+ 10% Guardian's bonus health) as well as 20% bonus Movement speed icon movement speed for 1.5 seconds. Guardian only goes on cool down when the shield is triggered. This is probably the most under used keystone. Even tho its honestly very useful, to 4 champions. {{champion:201}} {{champion:412}} {{champion:111}} {{champion:12}} Its nice on {{champion:201}} due to his W, allowing for quick movement saves to get your ADC out. But if your {{champion:201}} you will probably grab grasp instead for the extra damage on Q and autos. {{champion:111}} and {{champion:12}} can use it, and well with there AP, but you usually see them using aftershock or grasp instead. Again, for the damage. {{champion:412}} Is posibly the most usefull of any champion to use this, and at some points feel like it was made purely for him. {{champion:44}} Is nice with it to, but you would probably rather go down sorcery for the stronger shields, heals, and cool downs. Making guardian almost never picked. 4. Unflinching: PASSIVE: You gain 10% Tenacity icon Tenacity for each of your summoner spells on cool down, stacking up to 20%. You gain 15% Slow immune icon Slow Resist as well as an additional, multiplicative 15% Tenacity icon Tenacity for 10 seconds whenever you cast a summoner spell. Its a good key stone but, no one actively picks it. It gives tenacity, for those who do not know what tenacity dose, it reduces the duration of CC on you, slows, nock ups, Silence, stuns, roots, etc. And its nice to have on almost any champion. Some champions more than others. {{champion:86}} {{champion:53}} {{champion:39}} {{champion:14}} {{champion:78}} Being key examples. But the only two i see using it ever are {{champion:86}} , and {{champion:39}} so they can just keep chasing you down and making your CC basically null and void on them with there ability's. Any other champion would probably grab a different one form the same list of 3 runes its in. Like demolish with {{champion:78}} to remove the tower faster. or even font of life, so your jungle heal during a gank, or your ADC heals on an engage. Second main issue is, its with summoner spells. Its like a worse version of swiftness. And is only used to relay engage or escape if you want to waist your sums. Its annoying that such a useful rune, is hindered by that one factor, and that is why almost no one uses it. 5. Demolish: PASSIVE: You generate stacks on enemy structures within 600 units, up to 6 after 4 seconds. Your next attack versus a structure with 6 stacks deals 125 (+ 30% of your maximum health) bonus physical damage. Demolish will only go on cooldown upon triggering the damage. Stacks fall off slowly if you move out of range. Easily the most useful rune even over key stones. infact i am surprised this is not a keystone, to replace guardian. and would welcome that change, so not every one and there mother is using it, even {{champion:74}} , {{champion:3}} , and {{champion:421}} IN JUNGLE take this rune. and turn into there own version of rift herald. its its insane and removes towers fast. i would welcome this being a keystone instead, and making guardian a normal rune, just lowering the stats on guardian a bit if they feel they have to. 6. Font of Life: PASSIVE: Impairing the movement of an enemy champion marks them for 4 seconds. Allied champions who attack marked enemies heal for 5 (+ 1% of your maximum health). if you are not a health tank? this dose NOTHING. and i mean NOTHING. even if your a health tank late game is absolutely pointless. even with 2k health, that is 25 health. that 25 health is not gonna do anything for you late game, because everything that hits you will deal over 200. now its not pointless however, with {{champion:201}} especialy, hitting someone with {{champion:201}} Q with a full health tank {{champion:201}} , that's at least 46 or 47 health per auto. for an ADC that is a good extra healing if they have life steel. 7. Iron Skin and Mirror shield: useless, i don't even wanna go over these two, there is absolutely no reason to pick ether of these. they do nothing, there not helpful and no one ever uses it. its not enough armor or MR to ever matter. and it only proc's on healing or shields. meaning you would need to have potions in your inventory at all times to even activate it. unless your a healer. which if your a healer. your not using resolve! only one who could use this is {{champion:44}} but why do that, when you can just use conditioning for the better of both worlds? 8. Conditioning: PASSIVE: After 10 minutes gain 8 bonus armor and 8 bonus magic resistance and increases your total armor and magic resistance by 5%. Every one, uses this in the resolve tree. no one dose not have this in there resolve tree. This is sad, it is the only usable tank stat int he resolve tree. or in runes in general. for a page about survival, theirs not allot of armor or MR besides this runes. And yes i am not counting iron skin or mirror shield, because there pointless. this gives you what both of them do. permanently, but more. and you only have to wait 10 mins into game. so not even first tower. my biggest issue with the resolve tree strands form this. why is this the only proper tank rune int he entire rune page not just resolve! its all health health health health. what if i do not want to play a health tank, what if i want to play {{champion:44}} just build health? No. he dose not get enough form building health to mater to his kit anymore. you want magic resist and armor for him, so you can build proper items in game to keep him alive,and heal others. i don't want to h ave to waist my own shield and heal to keep me alive, when i should be tanking! {{champion:53}} tank is not a thing any more, you only ever see burst damage AP blitz now, why? not enough tank to make the tank viable for him. {{champion:412}} is fun but only because he can passively increase tank stat with his ability. but even with that it dose not help some times. because the burst damage. i should not have to worry about a ADC, 4 shooting me as a tank. but i do. i should not have to worry about a {{champion:91}} {{champion:238}} {{champion:38}} {{champion:141}} or any assassin jumping over the wall and ripping me to shreds in an instant, before i can even respond as a tank, but i do. Because that is how the runes work now. It gives damage. Allot of it. To much infact. That yes you may build health. But any competent player with a slight understanding of anti tank items can and will rip you apart. I have gone full tank before. just full armor items. and still got shredded by a full AD champion. within seconds. that is not fun. Being killed by 3 autos, 3 ability's, or just 1 ability and a ult, is not fun. it is only fun to the sadist who is playing the champion. I get no joy form killing someone, in 3 ability's. that is not a fight. But with no tank runes for squishy characters, or proper ones for real not full health tanks? how can you avoid that? i could go on for hours about this issue. but that is to much, and i want to focus on all the runes, not just one issue i personally have. This is based of heavy study of the game play mechanics, and feed back form people i know, and people in games i talked to. We just want to play the game, being killed within the first 5 seconds of walking out of your base? that is not playing a game, that;s watching a game unfold that you have zero control over. Like a bad movie you cant stop watching. I have spent enough time on this, its just personal venting at this point, moving on. 9. Overgrowth: PASSIVE: Every 8 monsters or enemy minions that die near you permanently increase your maximum health by 0.2%. I like it on healthy characters, but it is pointless on any other account. This is another instance of purely health tank based rune. and its not even that good of one. you get like 24 to 49 max extra health. Which stacks to a total of nada when the enemy deals four times as much damage. it dose not feel useful, or very impact full at all. because it is not. this could easily be replaced by a tank or MR rune that would keep anyone alive who uses resolve. as it is currently. it feels untested, and worthless. its just a rune to fill a spot when you don't know what else to take. in resolve tree. 10. Revitalize: PASSIVE: Grants 5% Heal and Shield Power. Outgoing healing and outgoing shielding is increased by 10% versus targets below 40% health.Incoming healing, incoming shielding, self healing and self shielding are increased by 10% while you are below 40% health. this is intresting, and i like how it works, but it doesn't do enough late game. i don't have allot to complain about this one, just needs a higher % is all. but the fact this is the only shield 10% increase, and its only to your self? you would need your ADC to take this as a healer or shield support. is my only real issue. 11. Second wind PASSIVE: After taking damage from an enemy champion, you heal for 6 (+ 4% of your missing health) over 10 seconds. ... ugh... yeah.. late game its pointless. the end. moving on... i guess its nice on {{champion:86}} but even then, meh. i just genuinely don't like this rune. and don't hear anyone talk about it. Lets talk about the next rune segment! Precision. Riot already knows there's something wrong with this and are reducing the damage on them. so i wont spend allot of time talking about this one. 1. Press the attack:PASSIVE: Basic attacks against enemy champions apply stacks for 4 seconds. Attacking a new target removes all stacks from the previous target. Applying 3 stacks to a target deals 30 - 120 (based on level) bonus Attack damageAbility power Adaptive damage and makes them Exposed for 6 seconds, causing them to take 12% increased damage from all subsequent sources (except from true damage). Its cool, i like it,but its basically just {{champion:67}} passive for everyone that dosent stop at the first auto after. and makes vayne horrifying. not much else to say. 2. Lethal Tempo:PASSIVE: Damaging an enemy champion begins a 1.5 second timer. Upon completion, you gain 30% - 80% (based on level) attack speed as well as removing the attack speed cap for 3 seconds. Attacking a champion while the effect is active will extend the duration to 6 seconds. this is just a bit annoying. combined this with {{champion:18}} or {{champion:22}}. its absolutely horrifying. 3. Fleet Footwork:PASSIVE – ENERGIZED STRIKE: Moving and attacking generates Energize stacks, up to 100. your next basic attack gains FLEET FOOTWORK. FLEET FOOTWORK: Your next basic attack restores 3 - 60 (based on level) (+ 30% bonus AD) (+ 40% AP) health and grants 30% bonus movement speed for 1 second. The healing is only 60% effective versus minions.If the attack that activates FLEET FOOTWORK is a Critical strike icon critical strike, the healing is increased by 40% (+ Infinity Edge item 20%). This is probably the most viscous rune they have. this works on so many champions, its disgusting. but again riots already recognized this so not much to talk about. 4. Overheal: PASSIVE: Heal power Healing in excess of your maximum health is converted into a Health icon shield for 6 seconds, up to 10 (+ 10% of maximum health). Receiving healing, dealing or taking damage will refresh the shield duration for 6 seconds. When the shield duration is over, it will start to decay over 2 seconds. The rate of conversion is 40% for self-healing and 300% for healing from allies. Who uses this? pleas like tell me who this is useful one because i don't know who. only one i know is {{champion:23}} 5. Triumph:PASSIVE: Champion Damage rating takedowns, after a 0.5-second delay, restore 12% of your missing health and grant an additional Gold 25. im ok with this one. i just don't use it. some say its not enough, some say its just enough, others say its pointless, etc. i dont have enough stable comments to say. which gose same for Presence of Mind. not much else to talk about with those. 6. Legend: Alacrity, Legend: Tenacity, and Legend: Bloodline are fine. i see no issue with these. and no one else dose ether. Leagues just gonna have to test with the % of these to balance them. and same with Coup de Grace, Cut Down and Last Stand yeah so not much to talk about besides to much damage. with those, but the next one, Domination, may have some more to say however. 1.Electrocute: PASSIVE: Basic attacks and abilities generate stacks on enemy champions hit, up to one per attack or cast. Applying 3 stacks to a target within a 3 second period causes them to be struck by lightning, dealing them 50 - 220 (based on level) (+ 50% bonus AD) (+ 30% AP) Adaptive damage. ADAPTIVE DAMAGE: Deals either physical or magic damage depending on your bonus statistics, defaulting to physical damage. now correct me if i am wrong here, but this is just thunder lords? right? only relay works on a few champs. not to many complaints, its just thunder lords. 2.Predator:PASSIVE: Your boots gain the active effect, PREDATOR. The active is disabled for the first 150 seconds of the game. ACTIVE - PREDATOR: You begin a 3 second channel. You can move while channeling and will be interrupted if you receive damage (except minions), putting the item on full cooldown. Activating Predator will not break stealth. Upon completion, you gain 45% bonus Movement speed icon movement speed for the next 15 seconds or until your next attack or damaging ability, which deals 60 - 180 (based on level) (+ 40% bonus AD) (+ 25% AP) Adaptive damage. ADAPTIVE DAMAGE: Deals either physical or magic damage depending on your bonus statistics, defaulting to physical damage. This is just a weird one, you dont see who you would think just using these abilitys, like {{champion:120}} or {{champion:33}} . no you see {{champion:31}} {{champion:20}} {{champion:57}} and weirdist of all, {{champion:427}} just so he can steel your buff and nope out. funny, but strange. 3.Dark Harvest:PASSIVE: Both enemy and allied large minions, large monsters and champions within 1400 units drop Soul Essence on death, which you can collect for the next 10 seconds by moving nearby. If you kill the target yourself, the Soul Essence will be automatically picked up. Champions grant 6 Soul Essence; large minions grant 4 Soul Essence; and large monsters grant 2 Soul Essence. Select champion summoned units are classified as large minions. Collecting Soul Essence empowers your next basic attack versus an enemy champion or structure within the next 20 seconds to deal 40 - 80 (based on level) (+ Total Soul Essence) (+ 25% bonus AD) (+ 20% AP) Adaptive damage. After collecting 150 Soul Essence you become Soul Charged, increasing the time to trigger the empowered attack to 300 seconds. ADAPTIVE: Deals either physical or magic depending on which would deal the most damage. I will have to be truthful, i don't understand how to use this. i feel like i use it correctly, and still get nothing form it. but i know people who use it and get allot. so ill a leave it up to a skill based thing on this one. 4.Cheap Shot, Taste of Blood, and Sudden Impact. all of these are ok, just same as before, gota test to fix the numbers. Zombie Ward, Ghost Poro, and Eyeball Collection no real issues with these, there balanced, and nice as a jungle. 5.Ravenous Hunter:Heal for 2.5% (+ 2.5% per Bounty Hunter stack) of the damage dealt by your abilities. Benefits from Heal power Heal Power. Earn a Bounty Hunter stack for champion Damage rating takedowns, up to one per unique enemy champion. On Twisted Treeline, capturing an altar grant a Bounty Hunter stack. I just don't ever notice the heal from this often. It feels like it dose not exist half the time. but that's just because you get out damage compared to your heal half the time. 6.Ingenious Hunter: PASSIVE: Reduces the cooldown of item actives by 10% (+ 6% per Bounty Hunter stack). This effect also applies to trinkets. Earn a Bounty Hunter stack for champion Damage rating takedowns, up to one per unique enemy champion. On Twisted Treeline, capturing an altar grants a Bounty Hunter stack, up to once per unique altar. Can be awesome on some supports. Nice with lane push items, or gun blade. no real issues, it takes skill to use items at the right time, so no real complaints on this one. 7.Relentless Hunter: PASSIVE: Gain 8 (+ 8 per Bounty Hunter stack) out-of-combat Movement speed icon movement speed. Earn a Bounty Hunter stack for champion Damage rating takedowns, up to one per unique enemy champion. On Twisted Treeline, capturing an altar grants a Bounty Hunter stack, up to once per unique altar. i think this should work differently. it should give you a base speed increase, and than the % should be out of combat. but that's just personal feelings. Allot of people i know like it the way it is. And now sorcery, oh boy.. i don't want to talk about this one because its gonna be allot, so im a just try and point out my personal issues, and not the 50+ issues from the people talked to about it. 1. Summon Aery PASSIVE: Damaging an enemy champion signals Aery to dash to them, dealing 15 - 40 (based on level) (+ 10% AP) (+ 15% bonus AD) Adaptive damage. Healing, shielding or buffing an ally signals Aery to dash to them, shielding them for 30 - 80 (based on level) (+ 25% AP) (+ 40% bonus AD). Aery lingers on the target for 2 second before flying back to you, and cannot be sent out again until she returns to you. Aery is initially very slow, but gradually accelerates, and can be picked up by moving near her. ADAPTIVE DAMAGE: Deals either physical or magic damage depending on your bonus statistics, defaulting to physical damage. This right here is the one i get the most complaints about. and complain the most about. Why is there an AD scaling? and why is it actually better than the AP? This is a SORCERY rune, why is the AP not better than AD? its crazy! and it allows for non AP supports to do way to much damage with it! or worse, it lets {{champion:16}} {{champion:117}} and {{champion:40}} build ad items, and still shield you for a crap load! i don't want t deal with a attack speed {{champion:117}} who can shield herself with Arey for more than any damage i can dish out! I and quite a few others wish there was no AD scaling on this at all. 2. Arcane Comet: PASSIVE: Damaging an enemy champion with an ability hurls an Arcane Comet at their current location, dealing 30 - 100 (based on level) (+ 20% AP) (+ 35% bonus AD) Adaptive damage after a brief delay. Damaging enemy champions with an ability reduces Arcane Comet's remaining cooldown. Triggering the cooldown reduction cannot occur more frequently than once every 0.5 seconds. issues? SAME AS AREY WHY AD?! {{sticker:sg-shisa}} 3. Phase Rush and The Ultimate Hat should be swapped. that's all i have to say about that. Tho some people do say phase rush is fun to use on assassins. but its not even mage assassins so. i dont know, i just personaly feel ult hat is way more impact full than phase rush. 4. Nullifying Orb: PASSIVE: If you would take magic damage that would reduce you below 30% of your maximum health, you first gain a shield that absorbs 40 - 120 (based on level) (+ 10% AP) (+ 15% bonus AD) magic damage for 4 seconds. Its ok, stacks nice with maw. don't use it allot, still dose not make up for any real MR runes. 5. Manaflow Band: PASSIVE: Your next ability used has its mana or energy cost refunded, and restores 8% of your missing mana or 8% of your missing energy. Most balanced rune currently. good job riot. I have no issue with this. it dose its job and dose not fall of late game. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} 6. Transcendence and Celerity do there job fine, i don't mind there both AD and AP but i know plenty who hate that fact. I do think the clarity one can be a hit or miss depending on champion. but that's it realy. 7.Absolute Focus: PASSIVE: Gain 3 - 24 (based on level) bonus Attack Damage or 5 - 40 (based on level) Ability Power (Adaptive) while above 70% of your maximum health. Nice, until you remember one auto, ability, or combo will take you down to 65% health or lower. making it only usefull to {{champion:101}} {{champion:103}} and {{champion:268}} who can fight form afar. 8.Scorch: PASSIVE: Your next ability hit sets champions on fire dealing 20 - 60 (based on level) bonus magic damage after 1 second. nothing wrong with this. its fine. 9. Waterwalking: PASSIVE: While in the river, you gain 25 bonus Movement speed icon movement speed and 5 - 30 (based on level) Ability Power or 3 - 18 (based on level) bonus Attack Damage (Adaptive). This rune provides no bonuses outside of Summoner's Rift, or in Game Modes where the river is inaccessible. This is nice for jungle, but that's it. no major issue. 10.Gathering Storm: PASSIVE: Every 10 minutes, gain (1 per 10 Minutes) stacks of Gathering Storm. Each stack grants 8 ability power or 4.8 attack damage (Adaptive). This stacks with no upper limit, for a total of 8 / 24 / 48 / 80 / 120 / ∞ AP or 5 / 14 / 29 / 48 / 72 / ∞ AD at 10 / 20 / 30 / 40 / 50 / ∞ minutes. ADAPTIVE: Grants bonuses based on which stat you already have the most bonuses for. Defaults to the first listed. This may be the only adaptive damage rune i am truly ok with. its balanced enough at least. Next inspiration. i probably love this rune page the most. which is why i feel so angry about it. 1. i have no issues with any of the inspiration key stones, there fun, inventive, and i don't want anything changed about them. {{sticker:sg-lux}} 2. Hextech Flashtraption: PASSIVE: While Flash Flash is on cooldown, it is replaced by Hexflash Hexflash. FIRST CAST: You begin channeling, increasing Hexflash's range over the next 2.5 seconds. After at least 1 second, you can reactive the ability. Releasing the button earlier than 1 second or entering combat with a champion will put Hexflash on cooldown for 10 seconds. SECOND CAST: You blink to the target location within range. Uses Quick Casting by default, which requires the First Cast to be held and the Second Cast occurs on release. Its not a bad rune per say, but its not very fun to use. and honestly the fact you have to Chanel it and cant move? Ruins the whole point of it. if its to escape or engage, its kinda pointless, because by the time it channels to be used. every ones already gone. OR your dead. so i hope they kinda just replace this rune entirely. 3. Biscuit Delivery: PASSIVE: Receive a Total Biscuit of Everlasting Will item Total Biscuit of Everlasting Will at 3:00, 6:00, 9:00 and 12:00. If the inventory is full while receiving a biscuit, the biscuit(s) will appear as soon as a place in the inventory is freed. Consume a Biscuit to restore 15% of your missing health and 15% of your missing mana over 15 seconds, as well as permanently increasing your maximum mana by 40. You will also gain the increased mana if you Gold sell the biscuit for Gold 30. Manaless resource Manaless Champions restore 20% missing health instead. Can hold up to 4 biscuits at the same time. Nothing wrong with this rune. its just a better biscuit rune. Allot of people don't know you can use this and a healing potion at the same time. to heal faster. 4. Perfect Timing: PASSIVE: Receive a Stopwatch item Replica Stopwatch at 6 minutes. The Replica Stopwatch is identical to the Stopwatch item Stopwatch, except it has only half the value and so costs Gold 300 more to upgrade. A cosmetic, Commencing Stopwatch, occupies one of your item slots before this time. And here it is, the anger. I hate this rune, not because its bad, but because its an item. it has its pros and cons, but not enough for me to care to use it. i think i tried this rune once and got bored with it immediately. I know its useful, i know it gives you an item you have to buy for free. But it still feels useless! its a one time use zhonyas before you get zhonyas. Whopeee! I might as well get the only good rune in this list of 3 Biscuit Delivery! 5. now this part is interesting. ill have to admit, i tried to find issues with these runes as well. magical foot wear is super useful and i find myself using it all the time. Futures markets relay fun, and ALWAYS used in ARAM if i can. i even use Minion Dematerializer allot in mid, super nice to use on the tank minion. My one thing i found i got angry about. is the placement with the runes. why not swap magical foot wear, and Hextech Flashtraption? It seams more obvious to me. have all the item related things in one rune line up. and the gimmicky uses in another. i get they fit the names "contraptions" and "tomorrow" but im not the only one who thinks this. 6.Cosmic Insight and Approach Velocity are fine. there perfectly fine. its.. 7. Celestial Body:PASSIVE: Permanently gain 100 bonus health. Deal 10% less damage to enemy champions and monsters for the first 10 minutes. why? actually why tho? whats the point? who thought of this? who decided this was a genuinely important rune? mechanically this is the most useless, absolutely pointless and agitating to LOOK AT rune. No one i know, no one i watch on twitch or YouTube, and especially not even i, use this rune. I don't want to hurt anyone feelings who design this, i am sure it is not a horrible idea, but update the health. 100 health? A tank can remove that with an auto, a tank. to an ADC or an assassin that 100 health means nothing. mechanically speaking 100 health is like giving you 10 extra gold at the start of the game. so like, give it more health, like 100/ 250 at 10 min/ and 500 (max) at 20 min. I don't know just something actually useful. or give it something more. maby 100 mana? no even that is pointless. that's 1 ability. its just not worth losing out of 10% of your damage when the current meta is all about that. And thats why i hate it, mechanically speaking, its not useful how it is currently. And that is every rune currently. now about rune combinations, You know the extra stats you get form choosing your second rune page? well for those who don't. or forget about it. Inspiration:PASSIVE: Potions, refillable potions, and elixirs last 20% longer. Additionally, grants bonus stats based on your Secondary Path choice: Precision: THE ELEGANT DUELIST: +20% bonus Attack Speed Domination: THE RUTHLESS VISIONARY: +27 Ability Power or +16.2 bonus Attack Damage (Adaptive) Sorcery: THE STARGAZER: +22 Ability Power or +13.2 bonus Attack Damage (Adaptive) Resolve: THE TIMELESS: +145 bonus Health You like that diversity? and need to actually make strategies for what character your playing? me to, until i noticed no other rune page dose that. Resolve: Precision:PASSIVE: Grants 130 bonus Health. Domination: Grants 130 bonus Health. Sorcery:Grants 130 bonus Health. Inspiration:Grants 130 bonus Health. Why not Precision grants you more out of combat movement speed? Domination gives you more armor? Sorcery give you more MR? and insperation give the 130 helth? i mean common, you tried relay hard on inspiration, but not these. why? and it don't stop here. Sorcery: Precision:PASSIVE: Grants 20 Ability Power or 12 bonus Attack Damage (Adaptive). Domination:PASSIVE: Grants 20 Ability Power or 12 bonus Attack Damage (Adaptive). Sorcery:PASSIVE: Grants 20 Ability Power or 12 bonus Attack Damage (Adaptive). Inspiration:PASSIVE: Grants 20 Ability Power or 12 bonus Attack Damage (Adaptive). its all the same! why not extra mana reign or health for resolve. why not get cool down for items on inspiration. let domination keep the adaptive damage. Give precision magic pin or armor pin. there is potential! Domination is the same way to! just lower damage! Than theirs Precision: PASSIVE: Grants 18% bonus Attack Speed. for all of them. why?! you can do more for it! armor pin or magic pin for sorcery! movement speed for inspiration! lethality for domination! life steal for resolve! just thinking about it infuriates me so much that they did it for inspiration, but nothing else! {{sticker:sg-ahri-1}} {{sticker:sg-zephyr}} But yeah, all of the "tank" stats are health. or Conditioning. and almost every page besides Inspiration and resolve is mostly for damage. Why not more things in sorcery for healers than just arey? why not more anything besides damage. something this game dose not need more of! Stop making champions so damage heavy, its not fun to be 2 shot by a champ 2 levels lower than you!or for tanks to burst you down to nothing whall still being tanky! fix the tank stats. before increasing damage. i have actually spent all day talking to people. reading through forums and wikis. and using the testing tool on league to get all of the information today for this rant. this rant started at 10:45 am 12/16/2017, and ended at 1:51 am 12/17/2017. i am sad, i am tired, and genuinely don't want to play league anymore. P.S. i love runetera, and the world its in. any hopes of a MMO of Runetera? I would love that. Turns out i am infact lazy. and don't have much time to edit this entire post. > [{quoted}](name=Firethorn,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=583TpPYy,comment-id=0006,timestamp=2017-12-17T16:04:07.760+0000) > > Ok, I just skimmed through this post and I have a quite of bit of things I disagree with... > > You say most people would rather take grasp on braum when the highest pick rate on braum is guardian, the truth is grasp is just pretty shit on most melee supports. http://na.op.gg/champion/braum/statistics/support > > You also say Taric would rather go sorcery primary, but again most people go Guardian on Taric. It's VERY situational for Taric to go sorcery first. > http://na.op.gg/champion/taric/statistics/support > > Now when you talk about predator you talk about Maokai, Chogath, Nunu, and Ivern going predator, but again... most people AREN'T going predator. Just because you saw it like once or something doesn't mean most people take it... > http://na.op.gg/champion/maokai/statistics/jungle > http://na.op.gg/champion/nunu/statistics/jungle > (too lazy to find the rest) > > Now there's a bunch of other stuff that's wrong with your post, and I'm really tempted to think this is a shit post so I won't really waste more time on this. > [{quoted}](name=zenrathk,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=583TpPYy,comment-id=00060000,timestamp=2017-12-17T21:01:19.608+0000) > > All of the people i asked on league told me grasp is what they would use for Braum. including friends Due to it giving that extra damage. But the people i know who actually play the support roll, agree to take guardian instead, for the ability to save there ADC or keep them alive for an engage/team fight. so perhaps its just the people who like to deal allot of damage that pick aftershock/grasp. i should have put that into there, but i am glad you brought that up. I did not think to use OP.GG, i asked peoples opinions. Next time i do something like this ill cheek OP.GG. > > I do however still stand by what i said about Taric. I am happy that more people are using guardian on him, but every game i saw a Taric they were using sorcery so that there stun would hurt and give some poke, as well as having Arey as a back up shield for there ADC on heal. It was just my own personal experiences there so again i should have cheeked OP.GG and forgot it existed during my write up of this. > > Now i didi not mean to make it seam like "every one uses predator on.." that's not what i meant and i am sorry for the confusion. i meant its strange that i saw people using it on them, and that it was more of a rare occasion. These people were just doing predator to have that extra speed, Chogath to R people, Nunu to run up and steel dragon or baron. and Maokai, i think he was just doing it because he was going full CDR and out ruining you for the lock down. I still say the strangest one was that Ivenr i saw. I should have been more clear on that part of the post. > > and this is not a shit post i promise you. this is a combination of my personal thoughts, and those i have asked both in my friends list, and just on the waiting screen. One thing i did find out is some of the information i got on the runes may have been wrong. and that they have been updated since the post i used to copy there information from was out of date. > > So i am probably going to edit and fix up this post later today when i have free time. This post was mostly to get people to talk about the runes realy, and i am glad it has in some way. Thank you again for your post, and definitely for reminding me of OP.GG. > > Also what are your thoughts on the Blue esance VS. IP?
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