Unlock all champions in ARAM

Currently ARAM is very unsatisfying to win most of the time. I believe far too much is decided by strong team compositions. The average player doesn't have a large champion pool leading to repeat champions a lot of the time, which in turn leads to strong/broken team compositions. Nothing is more frustrating then feeling like you can do nothing in a game that is supposed to be random. Many of my friends who play with me, own a small amount of champions which also leads to the inability to trade away champions they do not like. ARAM should be about making the best of a random situation as a team, verses just praying that you land an op in your team comp. And who knows perhaps it will help players discover new champions to play, outside of the random 10 per week. Provided the new changes are not reverted, this might be a simple and fun solution to a game mode that is currently **not** very random. A person who has played far too many arams. Tylas
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