If a zed is roaming bot lane and your mid laner pings it (and actually tells you which lane...)

Seriously back the hell off your tower and trade bot tower damage for mid tower damage and and xp lead. I don't understand how literally every bot lane I ever get just feeds double kill after double kill to any Zed I play against. I ping him before he even leaves the lane, ping him again on the way down. Doesn't matter though, first time I base for mana he goes bot and gets a double kill. Any time after that he goes bot and I can't follow because he has a lead being 2/0/0 and he just racks up the kills. Then most of the time the bot lane has the audacity to ask if I'm ever going to do anything. Ya, do my damnedest to not die to the 9/0/0 Zed when I'm sitting at 0/0/2 still...
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