NA server is the trashiest

The matter is that NA server is filled with trash players thinking they can 1v5 after getting 1-2 kills. The trashiest server I've ever played actually. Always saying like "Oh, it's just a game", and then throwing, feeding, do whatever they want. Do it in norms guys :) Seems like the server is all about doing wtf they want and others have to tolerate it, and political correctness is the thing they take as an excuse when others say they r bad. Being nice is great guys, but tolerating trash players feeding, 1v5, etc doesnt worth it. Riot should think about banning acc with lower than 40% win rate in rank for at least a week. So they can practice or feed in norms instead of bothering others in rank. Worst server. Trashiest of the world. I have 3 acc, 1 plat, 1 gold, 1 sil, and all 3 rank players are garbage in the same way. Dont know about higher ranks, but just this 3 ranks is enough to say something
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