For pre season changes there is a big change that is gonna make many of us really mad

I don't think that minions spawning at 0:35 is a good idea. Each week i see many players that are really slow and many players that take a lot of time. And that happens sometimes even at high elo. Considering the fact that if you don't go in lane at the same time of your opponent you have a big disaventage... Getting a lane disaventage is handicaping a whole team. Each week i see a lot of players taking way more time than average just to buy objects or even to see that they need to help the jungler.... i See things becoming ugly very fast. Oh and yes no more invades at lvl 1 :( ? Such a fun part of the game being removed... Oh and yes don't forget that LoL isn't only about ranked games... Most of us play draft and normal games to chill after some stressfull ranked games. In those games people aren't this serious so you can't count on them to be everytime rdy at 00:35 even if they should...
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