Why is Tahm Kench getting nerfed in 9.16

Some of the planned nerfs and buffs are great such as Ezreal, Sivir, Ziggs, and Riven (I swear to god if its another compensation "nerf" like last time). But seriously why is Tahm Kench getting nerfed again?! He already got butchered by 9.14 but thankfully got revived out of Galio tier thanks to a Hotfix. Thanks to that hotfix he is the closest he has been for a while sitting at 50.14% win rate at top lane in Plat and 48.75% as support in Plat according to u.gg. Sure it's not perfect but at least it is close to the right spot so why is he getting nerfed out that range? Plus this patch is also planned to buff Jax and Lux because they totally need buffs. I feel like there are two different people that are fighting back and forth trying to balance Tahm. One is a person who has been actually trying to balance him by giving him that mini rework back in 9.9 and the compensation buffs while the other is someone who isn't even trying and just gutting him as much as possible because someone at Riot decided to go toplane for the first time and had to face him and rather than nerfing him where is too oppresive they just butcher him by making his Q consume his stacks.

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