Velkoz Buff Doesn't Address the Core Issues

I have played Vel'Koz since his release, hovered around high diamond/master tier with playing him. While I am glad to see buffs, I don't think increasing the ratio by 20% on his spammable ability is the right way. I agree with the Q needing a slight buff (maybe 70% instead of the proposed 80%) to just give it a little extra oomph, but Vel'Koz's main problem is the lack of reliability he has for hitting his skills AND his lack of mobility. Both are healthy areas to have weaknesses in, but when a majority of the champion pool has a way to gap close or dash, it puts Vel'Koz in a very weak spot. I think an appropriate buff would be to increase the missile speed on his E (suspension) **or** duration on the suspension (since it can be reduced by tenacity). I can understand the hesitance on buffing a hard cc, but as League has grown, so has the amount of mobility and the danger of missing the only hard cc in his kit. Just buffing damage won't solve any of his core problems. **tldr; **Buff Vel'Koz's E to increase his self-peel and combo set up instead of solely increasing his damage.
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