What champions of each class can "1v9" carry?

I'm tired of playing a support or tank and feeling like I have no agency over the results of my games. Obviously I could pick someone like Yi to one trick and tear through teams, but that style doesn't gel with how I play, and I don't want to dodge just because I get put into a role I don't know how to carry with. So which characters of the classes (not the positions) can solo carry games? Tanks -Vanguards -Wardens Fighters -Divers, in which I'll include {{champion:76}} for the spell rotation used in ganks and fights -Juggernauts, in which I'll include {{champion:27}} {{champion:31}} {{champion:6}} since they lack the engage or disengage of either tank class Slayers -Assassins -Skirmishers Mages -Burst Mages -Battle Mages -Artillery Mages Marksmen Controllers -Enchanters, in which I'll include {{champion:26}} since all but his Q are ally buffs -Catchers There's some common trends with the other "unique playstyle" characters as well, but they are also pretty desperate. I'll list the rest of them for a reminder though "Auto attack magic damage dealers" {{champion:85}} {{champion:268}} {{champion:10}} {{champion:17}} "Marksmen but they go in close like divers" {{champion:126}} {{champion:133}} {{champion:150}} {{champion:104}} And the last three which have some forms of area control but no other ties to any class {{champion:9}} {{champion:74}} {{champion:41}}
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