Midlane for an immobile mage is a nightmare

This is a bit of a rage ("just lost to a zed") post. Even though I'm thoroughly tilted I think I can still be at least a little objective on this. As a person who plays mostly immobile mages midlane (Xerath, heimerdinger, syndra, karthus), what do I ban when there are so many assassins like what I'm about to describe? There's a lot of options to ban but the main two champs that I hate are fizz and zed. There's plenty more that I'd love not to face but don't ban because there are larger priorities. I don't play against fizz often because I ban him pretty much every game. Ridiculous damage, ranged soft CC with damage, double mobility (including over walls and overall safety from: low CD invincibility), bleed. This champ gets on top of me if I'm anywhere besides cowering behind my tower. If I play really safe he of course roams and nobody listens to my MIAs (low gold) and he gets fed. I honestly can't deal with this champ. Never had fun against him, never remember winning lane against one. This is my ONE ban. I make sure he's banned every game because I always regret it if I don't. So what do I do if a champion like zed isn't banned? (RANT STARTS HERE) Legit, what is the counter-play to zed? Someone spell it out for me, cause it's NOT CC, or zhonyas. None of it works, zhonyas is god awful and barely helps with his damage, CC counters everything and mages that aren't malzahar don't have great CC. He just waits everything out and kills me anyways. (NOTE: putting champion abilities into lists isn't always constructive so I made sure to explain why each mentioned item makes the list) He's an ASSASSIN and according to riot it's fine that he has the following: 1.) mobility of the best type (blinks) -also untargeted so can use to go in AND out 2.) mobility of insane range (can blink more than half a screen away) 3.) Invulnerability on ult 4.) Ranged (VERY HIGH potential) burst with shurikens Let's pause. Up to here, imo the champ is already too good at everything. His diving and 1v1ing is ridiculously good, so is his poke. His roams are incredible also. recap so far he has: -good in -good kill -good out What's the weakness of Zed compared to say... diana? Most champs sacrifice in one area to be good in another (for diana this would be sacrificing "out" and possibly other areas for burst?) What does Zed sacrifice/lack in that other assassins do well? Fine let him be overloaded... But, the list doesn't end there, NOT EVEN CLOSE: 5.) No resources (energy is a joke compared to mana) 6.) Insane SAFE wave clear for an assassin 7.) Insane SAFE poke for an assassin 8.) percent health damage passive so he can be good in lategame 9.) Triple gap closer potential with flash+blink+ult (last one is even point and click and IT EVEN FOLLOWS YOU) 10.) great ratios With electrocute he spams his easy to land poke combo until it hits and does half your health (and this eventually happens, especially in lower elo it's not really reasonable to never get hit). If he has ult and can get to you, you're most likely dead. He eventually out waveclears you because he has no mana bar. Out roams out because following him in jungle is suicide. If you end a laning phase as a squishy mage and you haven't died to him a few times, he's either awful or you've played like a god. And all of this on top of having to rush zhonyas (and item that is terrible in itself especially with the new mana changes). This being an item that doesn't even guarantee safety from him as most scenarios he can just wait it out. Zed on the other hand just gets hexdrinker and you do no damage, run out of mana and get either pushed out of lane or dove. Armor items are NOT the counter to him unless you build a lot of them (doesn't work for mages). CC isn't a counter to him, it's a counter to everything and HE's ESPECIALLY hard to hit with it. Just because you can predict where he will be when he ults, doesn't mean your CC will do anything. Most times he doesn't even need to ult to kill you. I honestly want to ban him, but fizz is worse. (END RANT) Is there a way to play against him I'm missing? Am I just supposed to not go to lane when he hits 6? Build pure armor health on ap champs? I'm at a loss. What do?
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