Is it just me or is Ahri secret OP?

or maybe not so secret OP. She does everything you could want in a mid laner. She's got good poke, safety, mobility, CC, high burst, great roam, good wave clear, sustain, very few if any bad matchups. You take a decent risk being in lane against her because 1 charm = half or more of your HP, death if she has ult and ignite. Once she gets ahead she can start a fight from across the lane whenever she wants. If you try and play aggressive or get a gank on her she can just ult away and even without it Q gives her decent move speed. Her Q is the single most overloaded ability in the game. Wave clear true damage mobility poke with sustain attached? That's... kind of ridiculous writing it out. She's not blatantly OP like some but I think she's so incredibly well rounded, safe, and able to do everything you want out of a mid laner that it actually pushes her above the rest significantly. Anyone else agree with me?
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