Welcome To League of Legends Season 8!

Do you wanna make your team and enemy jealous of how good you are? Do you wanna climb the ladder in becoming the best league player!? Do you want to be able to join an eSports team for league and compete!? Well too bad because everyone does insane damage level 1 and unless youre an ADC or Jungler, your role dont matter one bit. But remember to have fun on the rift and keep toxicity at a low even when youre getting stomped and cant do anything about it. Good luck out there summoner! https://imgur.com/Ookej7I https://imgur.com/bHg3ep8 https://imgur.com/vwmXKkO The game is no longer about you as a player, but your team. Shorter games means damage is too high and is just reliant on who has the better team. Longer games means you can actually carry the game as a solo player due to damage being low. "Solo" queue isnt even revolved around skill that much anymore. Its just based off luck, did you get the team that knows not to overextend, ward and take obj? Grats you win. Did you get the team that overextends, 1v1s enemy champs when theyre 1/7, jungler afk farms while enemy jg constantly ganks, never wards? Welp gg you lose. Can we go back to the old days of league, this league is just boring and unfun. I see so many people post on the boards about that game being wack, I have never seen this many people complain about the game. Normally before season 7, people would only complain about 3 things (Duskblade, Ardent Censor, Lethality), and youd only see about 3 posts a day complaining about the game. Now its every day im seeing 20+ posts complaining about the games balance. Yet Riot still doesnt respond, Riot wont acknowledge us as a fan base wanting to enjoy their game. Fix damage, fix power creep, fix catchup exp, balance the keystones (who even takes inspiration anymore besides Ezreal?), fix health regen (0 reason why I should be seeing ADC players build Dorans Shield in plat 3+). If Riot did all this, the game would be way more balanced than this mess we have now.
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