ADC's need to lose their carry monopoly and supports need to help the whole team.

OK now this might russle some jimmies but the big problem that I've seen with bot lane is that Marksmen have too much power and so do supports, or rather, they are forced to be a bodyguard for them in order to do good. recently due to a lane swap I got both my ass handed to me and won the game due to my bot being tactical as fuck and rekting the enemy team. Now this as been something that has been on my mind for some time now and I wanted to make this issue more clear for everyone to see. Bot is the dominating force in the game, and that shit is old new. However, the issue is that Supports are also forced to serve the ADC instead of the team so these things need to be done: * ADC's most lost some of their carry power and have that power delegated to other lanes, top and mid need more agency in the game. * Make DPS champs such as Mages and Fighter have the ability to carry like Marksmen. * Proper define the strengths and weaknesses of each types of carry types as well as positioning, as well as the ability to carry not just by killing, but by objective control, split push teamfighting etc. * Supports most be less tied to ADC's and more focused on serving the team instead of the ADC. * Make enforce the roles of duelist ({{champion:67}} {{champion:145}} {{champion:429}}) and backline ADC's ({{champion:498}} {{champion:21}} {{champion:51}} ) to allow for more independent ADC's that are not support reliant. This means ADC's should no longer be the main carry of the team but instead provide ranged damage alongside Mages. One class deals mainly physical damage, the other, magic. It should be that way but right now Marksmen are so powerful that even with armor, they can still deal colossal damage in a few hits when in fact they need to just deal a large amount of damage to the opponent that doesn't get out of their range, their sustained damage is too high and that is why they are too damn powerful. Now I don't mind if immobile marksmen like {{champion:202}} {{champion:222}} or {{champion:96}} dealt that much damage because they don't have the mobility that {{champion:236}} {{champion:67}} or {{champion:81}}. Next I want to talk about how supports should be a backing up the entire team, going from one person to the whole team as the game goes one. They should be their for their teammates and their role is to cover them, that is why enchanters, wardens and catchers are played bot, to protect a carry and make or deny plays. However they should protect the most valuable player first but never forget to save as many as they can, they should be the lifeline of a team but still not be so OP that their power is greater than one champion. It might sound contracting but if they can save the MVP then it's its good. if they can save the MVP and the player that int's like 24/7 then it's great. Another thing I want to discuss is that the frontline is more dangerous for some melee champs because you either have to be a tank or a skirmisher to get in and fight without any worries of dying or getting shredded. and that is where damage needing to be lowered across the board is needed in order for melees to be there without getting merced. Because it will make sustained damage more impactful as well as burst as it will promote skilled use of positioning and timing to deal damage effectively. Anyways, I wanted to make discuss what I see as an imbalance of the game of where having one individual/class having too much power and the game reliving around them is not a good thing and what I think needs to be done in order to make the game less dependent on one role but by overall skill and effort. peace out.
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