I didn't want to be that guy jumping on the Graves hate train but....

He sorely reminds me of a Draven rushing {{item:3072}} only its worse.. So graves can buy deaths dance and still deal more burst damage the vladimir *slowly dies of coughing* uhm... take barely any damage when he gets {{item:3812}} {{item:3046}} while also having a dash that gives him armour and mr,heal for a large amount simply by having warlords and deaths dance crits that basically match the dmg of a crit Draven only unlike draven he doesn't have to juggle like a god damn clown to get the damage still have utility in form of nearsight thats enough steam burning...downvote all you want but thats just bullshit EDIT:I honestly didn't expect this many views on your average QQ thread...let me change what I said earlier,He isn't broken after his Auto nerfs its just beyond frustrating to kill a bruiser(yes i consider him a bruiser) that happens to have ranged attacks while also having burst

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