Can we get a skillshot accuracy/evasion rate stat in End of Game screen? Tooltip perhaps?

I think **evasion** is do-able if the game knows if you are in range of the enemy skillshot and whether it well, hits or misses you (even if you had a shield, Banshee's Veil/Malz passive. Just because you have a shield doesn't mean you should face-tank it). Having a stat that can track you are in range of any given enemy ability (on cast or if you just walk into the flying projectile), in harm's way if you will, and basically test your reaction time, whether right-clicking or by using a dash/blink. It's kinda hyphy when you have to properly skirt around all these spells your enemies are flinging at you and you're punishing them. As for skillshot **accuracy**, of course it would only matter vs champions-only. And while damage dealt might be representative for some champs whose entire whole kit is skillshot based (Ziggs, Xerath), would still be nice to see the accuracy, especially if you are playing a champ like Thresh/Blitz. Maybe can include how many hooks you've landed in the ability's tooltip? Could potentially let players know what they need to improve on, how to aim/predict enemy movements.
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