I like how dmg is so high, I can get destroyed by a player 3 divisions lower than me.

No counterplay, no strategy, it's just "me see enemy, me kill enemy in 0.5 secs". Other than macro, there's literally no difference between a gold and a diamond player. If you don't pick something broken and approved by riot and the gold player does... no mechanics involved, just kill everything in 0.5 secs. Idk why do people like this kind of games, where you just death match until someone has longer death timers than you and wins... but alright. There's very few games where someone doesn't feed and the game actually feels skillful and strategy matters. Maybe like 1/10 games. And now when adcs are complaining about being one shot too, riot's idea isn't to nerf dmg across the board like everyone wanted for the whole season... nahh, they're gonna buff adcs too, so everyone can kill everyone in 0.5 secs. Good idea. Who wants a strategy filled 30-40 mins game, lets just death match each other in 15-20 mins games. Ahhhh...
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