Urgot PBE changes

Well, Urgot has gained some situational power and has lost guaranteed power. I want to address Riot's views toward Urgot. To be candid, their views seem old and outdated (no disrespect). Your chary, fastidious approach (nerfing Urgot) echos my sentiments. You are afraid of Urgot. You view him as a toxic (he is) and overbearing; but the latter doesn't apply so much now. We have champions like {{champion:157}} {{champion:92}} {{champion:114}} who all have outplay potential in their kits to take advantage of the crab. We have junglers with high mobility {{champion:254}} {{champion:107}} {{champion:98}} who can take advantage of the fog of war. We have top laners who can out sustain him {{champion:58}} {{champion:75}} {{champion:31}} . Urgot is not this overbearing monstrosity that he was in season 2. Obviously the nerfs played a huge part, but there are more champions, and kit designs that can offer counterplay. This season has mana gated him hard, and his itemization options are less as well. Anyway, perhaps I err in my assessment. =========================Actual PBE Urgot assessment===================================== Overall I feel this Urgot in solo Q is even weaker. For instance I got tower dived by a {{champion:254}} and {{champion:2}} . They were 5, I was 6. I successfully ulted and feared the Vi, but my weaken passive and shield allowed them to kill me with both around 1/3 hp. I couldn't apply my passive to both champions at the same time while my shield offered less. Urgot should be the champion who if he overextends, he is susceptible to ganks but if you tower dive him, oh boy you should be in trouble. His ult, shield, and passive should deter this behavior. I think this is a fair trade off. This is one of the issues. I see this as an even bigger problem for adc Urgots. There's no way they can make full use of their passive in the bot lane. There is no way I can make full use of my passive in the top lane (after being ganked). This lowers Urgot's ability to contribute in team fights as well. Being able to apply your passive to multiple enemies can make a huge difference. There was another instance that the {{champion:2}} was chasing our {{champion:110}} , I was barely able to save him getting off an E then Q. But it was really close and wouldn't be so if I had the 15% in lieu of the 5%. Out of the 12 or so times I ulted, I only was able to pull off the fear maybe 3 times? I mean even if there were instances I could have, trying to organize a solo q team to come with me seems nigh impossible. Overall the nerf of his passive and shield make him a weaker 1v1 dueler. This is because the power you allocated to his ult does nothing in this case. So Urgot in lane is now weaker. I couldn't really notice his new ult animation, and I am unclear of its radius. Maybe include a secondary circle so I know who and what I will be fearing. I like the idea of the fearing, and it adds something exciting to Urgot, and it was satisfying the few times I could make use of it. If I had a choice to keep the old Urgot or the new Urgot, I'd rather have the old. The stronger shield and passive is guaranteed while the the fear is risky and unreliable. What should be done? I recommend removing the nerfs on the passive and shield. If you don't want to do that then allow Urgot to fear the person he ults as well. The Urgot makes a decision, do I want to ult further away, or right on top of my opponent. If you don't do either of these, Urgot is a weaker duelist. Thematically I feel the fear fits. Also his passive and the number of stacks isn't very noticeable. Oh yeah, {{item:3140}} and {{champion:2}} are big counters now. I will play him some more later and edit as needed. Edit 1: It would behoove us to mention that this is a great direction to take Urgot (I don't feel I stressed that enough). Here we add more depth and decision to his ult, tie in a thematically sensical arsenal to his kit, where it can have strength in certain scenarios all without saying, "Here Urgot, more damage, more range!" Edit 2: The one nerf that feels justified is the duration of the shield. There is no reason it needs to be up for 7 seconds especially after Urgot has 45% cdr. Edit 3: So I just played a game where there was one instant where I snagged 2 in the fear. One being Kalista (which meant an easy EQQQ) but we were pretty ahead. The only time I could get the fear to be of any impact. There are not enough instances for me to use the fear before midish late game. Anyway, it was satisfying. Edit 4 (final edit until future changes): Overall I don't find myself really able to use his new fear that often. My recommendation is to increase Urgot's mana scaling on his shield but keep the base as is (don't revert the nerf). Also don't add the ap ratio back. This will give Urgot a stronger shield late game which will allow him to use his fear but not allow it to be super strong early game. Keep the duration to 5 seconds as well. I am not so sure on the passive. I feel it should be reverted but I am not so confident on that.
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