Gimp champions and reasons why.

{{champion:41}} Literally loses lane because his skills cost so much mana. (Btw it's only two skills that cost mana, minus the barrels and ult). He's squishy, isn't even that fast with his 30% movespeed passive (Even with Triforce and Ghost blade he is hella slow). Again, another COOL champion concept that is just awful later on because he can't dash. That and literally auto attacking counters his barrels. SO he's stuck with a weak triforce Q poke, no damage reduction, burst, or any form of initiation.. on top of his ult usually doing like 100 damage at most. {{champion:201}} Literally every single OTHER support can stun off of 1 ability, or snare and completely nullify any reason to use Braum. The only champ that works with him has as low of a range as he does, so you both just die to 2 ranged champs. So your ADC has to deal with a useless support, with no peel (Q is slow), with a weak engage (No engage other than a slow), and a slow casting / slow moving, tiny ultimate. Literally a Pyke with Aftershock offers more than this guy, because his W instantly stuns and hits everything. {{champion:61}} range nerf, passive nerf, spell nerf, ultimate nerf. What's left of this champion? We literally saw her ONE tournament then she got patched and removed from the game. {{champion:43}} same reasoning as Braum, no engage, barely any peel (she will most likely only land 1 Q out of 5) Then she dies instantly because her W never went off. LOL. On top of it being ULT meta, her ult shield does nothing. Someone with Shurelia's or a glacial augment troll pick would offer more utility. {{champion:4}} Q weak, his only poke. Barely able to 1 shot ranged creeps, even when he is building straight AP the range creeps somehow out scale his incredibly low AP ratio Q. You roamed bot, got two kills? Still literally 0 effect in your mid lane, because you lost a plate and your champ can barely 1v1 BETTER mid laners because they have an ult that is actually good. Since the trend of this post seems to be weak/useless/outdated ultimates.. {{champion:42}} {{champion:136}} {{champion:432}} {{champion:427}} {{champion:429}} {{champion:117}} {{champion:57}} {{champion:76}} {{champion:20}} {{champion:2}} {{champion:516}} {{champion:497}} {{champion:13}} {{champion:35}} {{champion:98}} {{champion:154}} OKAY ultimates, but can be interrupted. {{champion:55}} {{champion:245}} {{champion:203}} TLDR Buff champs that have these weak aspects; Engage, Poke/Peel, Weak ultimtes, Slow projectiles, Extreme niche picks.
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