Trinity Force Zed?

So, I have been experimenting with Zed for a bit, tried a few different build paths and I've found one item I rarely see anyone build on him is Trinity Force. Considering the burst damage zed has, and his passive, I thought Tri would be an incredible addition to his build. In fact, I've started to build it around the 3rd/4th item in my build after {{item:3153}} , {{item:3142}} , {{item:3147}} (boots built as needed ofc) The added {{item:3078}} atk speed helps early with taking towers, the CDR is great to allow you more burst in your ult, the added AD on your autos after abilities is insane(Also works on towers.) If you get X'd by {{item:3078}} {{champion:238}} you're done. Period. with TriForce/lethality you can take out some seriously heavy tanks. W, R, AA, E, W, AA, E, Q, R. GG.
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