Rito, get yo shit straight(Boots edition)

We all know the terrible discrimination that Cassiopeia gets by not being able to wear boots, well I have come here to end this discrimination to make her know she is not the only one! I will make the Fields of Justice great again! I have devised an ultimate plan to end this discrimination once and for all, because #SnakeLivesMatterToo! Here is a list of champions that should not be able to wear boots: {{champion:6}} Urgot- Look at his legs, they are nothing but stubs, they are crab legs, how is he able to wear boots and how come they are not more expensive for him since he has 4 legs? A crab cannot even wear shoes! Disgusting Rito! {{champion:203}} Kindred- Not only does Lamb have goat legs, but Wolf does not have legs at all! Putrid Rito! {{champion:223}} Tahm Kench- This guy is a fat fuck, and his proportions for his legs and feet are unnatural, he could not even put on shoes! Lol rlly Rito? {{champion:432}} Bard- He does not have feet, nuff said. Srsly Rito? {{champion:421}} Rek'Sai- She has monstrous feet which I doubt they have boots for. Come on Rito, you ain't even tryin' at this point! {{champion:268}} Azir- He is a bird, he has bird feet. Shit Rito. {{champion:161}} Vel'Koz- He is an alien tentacle monster with no feet. Fucking hell Rito, why do you do this shit? {{champion:154}} Zac- He is a giant blob of slime, I don't think he is able to clothes either. Wtf Rito? {{champion:267}} Nami- She is a mermaid. She has no feet, she ain't Ariel. It's time to stop RITO! {{champion:121}} Kha'Zix- He has a bad case of monster feet syndrome. He does not even need boots. God damn it Rito! {{champion:120}} Hecarim- He is an undead centaur, need I say more? For real Rito? {{champion:113}} Sejuani- She rides an ugly pig, she is a freeloading Bernie supporter. Shameless Rito. {{champion:106}} Volibear- He is a bear. Bears are already fast, he does not need boots. He has bear feet, the same feet that we all hate, because fuck Volibear. {{champion:105}} Fizz- He is a squid, frog, fish thing and he has flippers. {{champion:101}} Xerath- I do not even know what he is, but he has no feet and he is made of energy. It is like putting boots on a power generator. {{champion:72}} Skarner- He is a rock, crystal scorpion monster with stubs. {{champion:68}} Rumble- He rides a mecha, another freaking freeloading Bernie suppoter. {{champion:57}} Maokai- He is a tree. GROOT DOES NOT EVEN WEAR CLOTHES! {{champion:58}} Renekton- He is an aligator with monster feet syndrome. {{champion:34}} Anivia- She is a bird. {{champion:53}} Blitzcrank- He is a fat robot. {{champion:31}} Cho'Gath- He is a demonic creature with monster leg syndrome, why would he need boots? {{champion:42}} Corki- He flies around in his helicopter thing, another fkin freeloader. What is up with all the Bernie supporters??? {{champion:9}} Fiddlesticks- He is a scarecrow gone postal. {{champion:54}} Malphite- Big rock monster thing. {{champion:96}} Kog'Maw- He has monster feet syndrome and he spits, shits and pisses acid for a living, if he had ''normal'' feet, the boots would just dissolve. {{champion:20}} Nunu- He rides a Yeti, another fkin freeloading Bernie supporter. {{champion:16}} Soraka- She has goat legs, nuff said. {{champion:29}} Twitch- He is a rat and he is already boosted. Get your shit and priorities straight Rito, because this is an issue. Either make Cassiopeia be able to buy boots, or remove the ability to buy boots for all these mentioned champs. This kind of discrimination is unbelievable. I will not just stand and watch as poor Cass gets discriminated like this. Make others suffer with her. She does not deserve to be alone. #PrayForCass #SnakeLivesMatter
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