I think that Riot should remove the attack damage scaling on kayle's Ultimate.

The reworked Kayle currently has 3 abilities that are hybrid scaling. In my opinion, that's too much. And the ultimate has 100% bonus attack damage scaling AS WELL AS 80% ability power scaling. For me that is utterly overloaded. And the only ability that does scale with ability power is her w. The reason her ultimate should not have attack damage scaling is... 1. It's an ability where Kayle is using magic so it makes sense for it to scale with ability power as opposed to attack damage. 2. This would make full ap Kayle a potential play style. 3. It wouldn't nerf the main purpose of AD kayle, which is to deal damage with auto attacks as opposed to your ultimate. It is for those reasons I think Riot should remove or at the very least reduce the attack damage scaling on her ultimate For those of you who think this might streamline Kayle towards ability power too much, keep in mind her q and e passive both have hybrid scaling. Please let me know if you think the AD scaling on Kayle's ultimate should be removed, , if you disagree please comment why. Thank you!
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