Can riot pls disconnect us from the loading screen if some one does not connect

Why do I need to spend 5 minutes in a loading screen then wait 3 min in game so i can remake a game when someone disconnects in a loading screen. can riot just end the game at the loading screen if someone disconnects so we don't need to wait 8+ min before queuing back up. I'd rather queue back up again then cross my fingers for 8 min hoping that the one person on the loading screen with 0% comes back. dodging in the loading screen in one of the most ass hole things you can do as it not only ensures a disadvantage on your team but will force you to wait a very long time before queuing back up, and you don't get to play the game. give this discussion an up vote if you agree and answer the Poll below {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
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