leaver buster is bs

i just carried a game so hard , if it wasnt for me they wouldnt have a chance .... then my internet got disconnected i was disconnected for about 4 minates and when i reconnected again i kept un carrying the monkeys in my team , by the end of that game i had the best kda 12/3/6 most damage done and etc .......................... and i get leaver buster plus lose my promotion because of this , are you kidding me ?????????? they won only because of me and i get banned for afk :) rip to ur system riot have a nice day ps: let me also add the fact that so many times i had afks in my team and seen afk in enemy team not getting busted by this bs system even thou they fed their butts off too before leaving and i get busted ... IM so tilted right now it cant be put into words
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