life as a hard stuck silver player

>play top with ignite, ward river, push lane while keeping in mind where the enemy jungler is >get first blood then another kill on top, enemy top laner rages so jungler starts sitting top >don't realize that after he recalled he went top with no camps up top camp instead of farmign his blue side >die to gank cuz ward just ran out >"it's all good, i ping my jungler to gank and take drag so i can soak up pressure top, farm up and try to 1v2" >jungler farms enemy wolves then tries to gank mid while the midlaner is recalling, jungler dies >botlane is 0/8 at 12 minutes, it's all good, those are the game i gotta hard carry to win >resist the urge to flame bot after they don't ward, don't leave when i hard ping because the jungler is ganking, and don't ping the roaming pyke >i can't try to get fed cuz jungler is sitting top and enemy is hard shoving everytime i try to roam >drag is gone cuz a twitch jungle though it was a good idea to try to solo the ocean drake, it wasn't. >*EXECUTED*, *sound of drag dying*, enemy has it now, thanks to the enemy lulu last hitting the drag >"but that league of legends top lane guide on youtube said that it was a good thing that the jungler was sitting to" >ask the rengar to start ganking, he's lvl 6 now but he can't play rengar cuz he decided to first time him in ranked >i leave my tower, start grouping to get a deathball going and maybe come back. >zyra support thought it was a good idea to go sweep and ward the enemy jungler while their kha'zix and kassadin was mia. It wasn't >*AN ENEMY IS GODLIKE* >oh well i just got one shot because that kassadin sneezed at me >want to flame riot in all chat because getting one shot as a bruiser with 2 magic resist items is the stupidest thing ever >lose game with me having highest cs in the game and highest kda and ward score >get 3 honors so i'm fine with that >This time i take tp to have more map pressure. but bot isn't deep warding as i asked them multiple times and now i don't have an ignite to help me lane >next game is even worse than before. Bot lane 0/12 at 10 minutes, I am trying to not tilt. play my best, try to better myself as a player. the point is not to climb, but to get better >my jungler tries to dive a 1hp fiora, good idea. horrible execution >frustrated at the jungler but i don't spam ping him. it wouldn't help at all >team flames me because i dared not to have challenger level mechanics in a mid silver game >I am starting to make mistakes. tilt is creeping in. I am not tracking the enemy jungler. forget to ward when pushing, forget to rush an early executioner/tabis for Fiora >start to feed, lose the game >next game is a hard win, i play my boi blue kayn and end the game 28/0/13 with my team all hard feeding >THAT is the kind of game i need to do on a regular basis. >dont' get a single honor, they all skipped the prompt >Slowly realize that whatever i do, i'll never be really happy with this game in my life I know this is gonna get disliked to hell, but tbh quitting league was the best decision in my life. I just need one game a week to be remembered how frustrating this game is.
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