9:1 placements got b5 :), space communism for the win

previous post on my last season placements http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/gameplay-balance/IH7lKAAx-reposted-to-gameplay-lololol-wtf-won-510-promo-games-carryng-4-games-and-put-in-b5 Lol here i am again with riots placement games. Last season I went 5/5 and got b5. Now i went 9/1 and got b5. I feel like a riot mod saw my last post then decided to manually drop my mmr to beyond shit to get a good laugh. But yah if i knew this was going to happen again I just would have leveled a new account and then do placements not any of this bs. So yah here are my games if you even care and if one of the riot mods see this could you magically move all my champions and skins to my other account since this one is beyond fucked? jk, I know RIot doesn't give a shit about any of their low elo player but still this shit is unacceptable. Thanks RIot for making me come back into b5 :D. Your genius ways of calculating mmr are extremely precise :). matches and shit... and before you say I might have gotten carried check my kda on each game :) gonna lvl my smurf to 30 and fuck myself to death with boredom now :D http://imgur.com/a/ZIK42 I hate you whoever designed the mmr system <3 you can have my golden tear {{item:3073}} just remember guys if you ever end season at bronze, you're better consider kys since the time to climb out of bronze would be longer than leveling a new account and doing placements :) stay kawaii %%%gots XD
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