Let's Nerf Jungle...

Because laners are incapable of learning how to track jungle and telegraphed ganks! :D Meanwhile ADCs are gonna look overtuned when they get their dues but people are still gonna complain about the xin/cam level 2 ganks without even thinking they can easily ward for it or play around it. Let's not even discuss the fact that mid lane is teeming with overpowered champions mainly based around the fact that they are both not easy to kill and still dealing a shit ton of damage. Did I mention the endless amount of flex picks between mid/top? Noooooo jungle is the problem! There's no other way to explain it. But if I could give a suggestion..? Don't nerf jungle. Just don't. Let the same low elo nimrods learn that their lanes aren't 1v1's (or 2v2's in bots case). That their lane does, in fact, depend on the state of the map. Because that's NEVER gonna change. Junglers exist to make the game more complex than 2 meatheads duking it out to see who has the bigger dick. There's millions of other games made just for that; this one ain't one of 'em. Don't blame your jungler just because you got ganked because, chances are, you should've seen it coming. Should you be able to see every gank? Ideally, yes. But not every game is so simple. But if you can genuinely tell the difference between a gank you should've seen coming and one you shouldn't have then I'd say you're on the right track. But YOU have to understand the difference. And don't say "this is my junglers' job". Because it's not. It's everyone's job. You can't go into soloQ expecting anyone to do anything for you. Or just duo with a jungler that does know. Please make an effort to learn whilst doing so. If you want a tip here it is: Junglers play on rails whereas laners do not. If you can figure out the rails you can figure out the jungler's location based on timing and, really, vision should do a lot of the work for you. Don't tunnel. If you tunnel you deserve to die. Do junglers have too much impact? Ofcourse not. It's just a little convenient for us in the mid-late game that adcs aren't doing damage when most of the junglers are frontlining fighters who only need to worry about whether or not the top or mid laner are burst champions. And if they are just buy sterak's gage first and THEN tri-force. We're also almost always gonna buy ninja tabi. Well, maybe not always now since Sejuani is coming back. Liss is still relevant. Cass is in every lane. Ornn. etc. Yeah, so really we don't even have ninja tabi anymore actually... But previously we could just build ninja tabi because the meta was pretty much fighters everywhere with few exceptions (Liss again) and THAT sucked for adcs. Basically what i'm trying to say is: Buff ADCs. Stop buffing the thing that was bad whilst at the same time buffing the thing that was remotely good that happened to inconvenience ADCs. Nerf Alistar even just a little bit. Please! I better not see fucking Lucian nerf before Alistar nerf. Alistar is single-handedly gate-keeping a whole role of supports and ADCs. Oh and stop... Nerfing.. Shaco. We kind of don't have a thing? Like, every other champ can do things. We can't. We do 1 thing. We kill a very squishy target that happened to misposition. That's our thing. We can't really do that thing unless we're 3/0 and the enemy mispositions. We're kind of just not even champions uhh... Before Tiamat. Now we can't get tiamat on first back. At all. Um... I'm not even gonna ask for a buff because everyone hates us. Most notably Riot and if they read this I can expect my E to no longer deal damage. At the very least consider buffing electrocute. I mean when we're considering taking fleet footwork you HAVE to think there's a problem here. We're literally going against the whole gimmick of the champion to desperately stay relevant. But that's just me. I clickbaited a little bit to air all my grievances with the game. I'm of the opinion that the game is more fun than ever! But it's not gonna be a lot of fun if my role and my champion keep getting gutted because players don't understand how to play against it. Just not a lot of fun they their getting rewarded for complaining rather than understanding and I get kicked in the balls for it.
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