Add Ultimate Timers

I would love to see a little timer inside or next to the small icons of your teammates indicating the time left until they can use their ultimate again. Right now, all we know about our teammates is binary: Either they have their ult (green lamp) or not (dark lamp). We have a death timer already, so why not an ultimate timer too? There are quite a few champions who are basically designed around their ult being up for the fight: {{champion:32}} {{champion:3}} {{champion:127}}{{champion:72}}{{champion:254}}{{champion:9}}{{champion:85}}{{champion:30}}{{champion:54}} just to name a few. Of course, this should only apply to your own team. (yes, lategame is not as big of an issue with reduced cd from level and cdr items but until then It would be nice to know and allow me and others to play around the timers for ganks or engages) Edit: Maybe add summoners Timer too (Might overload the icons though) thx Volt Cruelerz
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