Pleeasseee start punishing intent afkers

Like....come on Riot. This shit has been going on since the dawn of time. I would rather be told to kms, called racial slurs, get bitched at constantly, than have someone get tilted and either intent feed or intent afk in my games. Honestly... sign me up that is a dream game for me. Muting people is easy.... winning 4v5 isn't. Like omfg...... we had such an easy win and our adc was so..... low iq that they got tilted and left the game. It just sucks losing games because of that crap. And I already know he won't be pusished. Dumbest part.. HE LITERALLY TYPED "im going afk peace" and then just leaves game. Like..... all you have to do is add that to your "do not type stuff" lol and see if people end up with like an afk. If they do.... BAN THEM. ON THE SPOT! JUST FUCKING BAN THEM. 1 day 1 week, idc. Make it known your done with that bullshit. Itsssss sooo ffuckkkckcckcking dumb. I don't know why this is still a thing that has to be brought up constantly. Fuck.
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