A Riven Main's opinions on the "Riven Buffs."

**TL ; DR : Revert these changes, I don't like them.** I have over 300k mastery points, and I'm at Plat IV, for some that may mean my opinion doesn't matter, but please hear me out. I don't want Riven buffs, or nerfs, she's at her most balanced state that she has ever been. It's nice to be able to just spam Riven in ranked, you know? Call me a "dirty riven main kys!", or whatever you want, but I don't want these buffs to come in. People will ban, people will pick her more often, and it'll be harder to get her. Riven is in a perfect spot, she may seem on the "stronger" side for some, but honestly, she isn't insane at the moment. I don't want Riven to be the overpowered, pick or ban type of champion. EDIT : 9:46 A.M EST Aug 16 Some say that me, saying "I don't want her to be banned," isn't a legitimate concern, well it sort of is. First off, let me get this off my chest, Riven is in a perfect spot, if you suck with her, you feed 0/10, if you can animation cancel, well great! Riven is in the most balanced spot she has ever been in, around 50%. Maybe the "ban or pick", concern may not be a legitimate gameplay concern, but it is a personal one for you all. I see all of you wanting 5 bans per team, right? Well, I guess now one of those bans will be a {{champion:92}} ban, and you can't ban other strong champions you despise. Reverting these buffs benefit us all, Riven mains, and Riven haters. Sound good?
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