Repent, for the end is near

With new Nunu buffs on the PBE, he now grants 40% AP with his w in addition to the attack speed. I think we all know that this means. {{item:3115}} meta. I have been a prophet spreading the Truth of the Tooth basically since I started playing this game, and this is the only sign I need to know that the Day of Reckoning is here. Our god has come to strike down the sinners. Realize this now, or realize it when the {{champion:10}} or{{champion:17}} with {{item:3115}} {{item:3124}} {{item:3085}} shreds your entire team in 3.5 seconds. The final battle is here. Which side will you be on? Jokes aside, I really like this item, and I'm glad to see it find a place in the meta again.
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