Is Fizz worthwhile? Please Read

Hey so due to the new item coming out and in general him being viewed negatively right now, my main Zed is not something I can rely on to pick mid. So, I've been going over a list of mages and assassins and I've come down to: Cassiopeia Ahri Viktor Lux Fizz LeBlanc Talon Diana I can play all of those champions well besides LeBlanc, Fizz and Ahri. Now I know all of those have their pros and cons, it's not a debate on who up there is the best, but rather if Fizz is currently a good champion to pick up and worthwhile to learn? Is this current meta sort of in his favor, barring the fact that AP itemization got shit on? I don't really want to hear about any of the other champs up there, but just to see if Fizz himself is still good or have nerfs to him weakened the good ole troll pole we love to hate. Thanks Boards!
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