Bloodrazor is bad item

{{item:1419}} I found out that Warrior Enchantment does more damage on basic attacks than Bloodrazor. Not only warrior increases the damage done on abilities but it also does better on basic attacks than on-hit item that is suppose to be outstanding for that. I pretty much stopped building Bloodrazor on Yi. When you build bloodrazor you will do absolutely nothing early game since it gives damage to basic attacks only but this damage almost doesn't exists early to mid game so champions like Yi are pretty much useless at this point. However if you build Warrior then you find yourself doing much more damage than Bloodrazor because you increase your overall physical damage on basic attacks as well on abilities and since Wuju scales with bonus AD you also gain more true damage. So with bonus AD and Rageblade you will be able to do more true damage and if you need to shred tanks you can get BORK that also gives you AD which means more true damage. And yes Warrior is as good as bloodrazor for soloing dragons and barons Bloodrazor gives 40 per 1000 health while BORK has minimum 55 damage on-hit (15 minimum from health shred and 40 AD) but since it also gives 40 AD that means you also get more damage to abilities for instance bonus true damage to Yi's Wuju Style So overall on-hit item to do less damage on basic attacks than item that increases the damage to your basic attacks and abilities at the same time is very unfair Bloodrazor may need rework because right now it is in very bad state and makes your champion worst that what it suppose to be
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