I miss late game.

The game feels too snowbally/short, and often very one sided imo. games are usually decided within 10-15 min, taking another 10 or so to close out. i don’t want overly long 45-70 min games, where it’s ridiculously hard to close a game out. i want in between, 30-45 min back and forth tactical games, not the 15-25 stompfests of season 8/9.. Also i believe the current state of the game is the reason adc’s have been so hard to balance. They’re a late game hypercarry class.. They need a late game to be relevant... They’re useless when there’s no late game.. If there pushed into early game by making their items cheaper and letting em scale in the early game by building one and a half item (like in early s8), they become incredibly strong, because that power isn’t suppose to be available so early on. Same thing with trying to push hypercarries like Vayne/Nasus into the early/mid game, they become busted as hell
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